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Cookie Policy of TapApps

What Are Cookies?

Just like many other websites, TapApps uses cookies. Cookies are small files that get downloaded to your device (like your computer or phone) to make your experience better. This page explains what info they collect, how we use them, and why we sometimes need to keep these cookies. We’ll also show you how to stop cookies from being saved, but this might make some parts of the site not work as well.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for different reasons, and here’s why:

Unfortunately, most of the time, there’s no standard way to turn off cookies without affecting how the site works. We recommend keeping cookies on unless you’re sure you don’t need them.

Turning Off Cookies

You can stop cookies from being saved by changing your web browser settings. But be careful, this can affect how lots of websites, including ours, work. It’s best not to turn off cookies unless you really need to.

Cookies We Use

Site Preferences Cookies: These cookies help you set how the site works based on your preferences. They remember your choices so you don’t have to set them every time you visit.

Third-Party Cookies: Sometimes, we use cookies from trusted partners to understand how you use our site and make it better. We use Google Analytics, for example, to see what you like and how long you stay.

More about Cookies

If you’re not sure if you need cookies, it’s usually safer to keep them on in case they help with something you like on our site.

For more general info about cookies, you can read our Cookies Policy article.

If you have any questions or need more info, you can contact us through this link: Contact TapApps.