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My Movie - video editor, free video maker with music for YouTube and TikTok. an easy-to-use editing app that makes creating vlogs & short videos a breeze.
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Apr 28, 2017
Dec 22, 2023
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Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

Video Editor & Maker – My Movie is a versatile and user-friendly mobile application designed for video editing and content creation. This app caters to a wide range of users, from beginners exploring the basics of video editing to more advanced users seeking professional features. In addition, you can also try Tempo APK for more fun.

Lights, Camera, Action!

My Movie is like your personal movie-making wizard. It’s a free and easy video editor that lets you create vlogs and short videos without any fuss. Whether you’re into game videos, cooking videos, or just want to make your TikTok shine, My Movie has got your back. In addition, you can also try PowerDirector – Video Editor APK for more fun.

The Basics – Simple Yet Powerful

So, My Movie is all about making video editing a breeze for everyone. You can add photos, music, and cool effects without breaking a sweat. No fancy watermark to worry about – just pure, unadulterated creativity! Trim, cut, splice – you name it, My Movie can do it.

Get Creative with Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

Merge your photos and videos into a fantastic slideshow with your favorite song. Speed up your videos for that extra fun factor. Explore cool effects, mix videos like a pro, and become the comedy or vlog sensation you were born to be. The best part? You can use popular music sound effects from TikTok without any cost!

Advanced Features for the Pros

For those who want to take their videos to the next level, My Movie has advanced features that make you feel like a true video editing maestro. Keyframe video animation, PIP (Picture in Picture), overlay video clips – it’s like having a Hollywood studio in your pocket.

Soundtrack to Success

My Movie is not just a video editor; it’s a music maestro too. With over 300 free music clips and sounds, you can easily edit your videos to the beat. From Bollywood vibes to Hip Hop, Rock, and more, My Movie has a musical palette for every taste.

Stickers, Text, and Filters – Oh My!

Moreover, Make your videos pop with animated stickers, emojis, and cool text. Choose from various font styles and colors to give your video that extra flair. Add movie-style magic effects like Glitch, Retro, and 3D to make your videos stand out.

Lights Out with My Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

My Movie ensures your creations shine in HD glory. Non-destructive editing means you won’t lose any quality, and you can export your masterpieces in multiple formats. It’s not just a video editor; it’s your ticket to YouTube stardom!

Lights, Camera, Create!

It is not just an app; it’s your creative companion. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this app is packed with features to help you make videos that’ll leave your audience in awe. Lights, camera, create – your My Movie adventure starts now!

Key Features Of Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

User-Friendly Editing:

This is introduced as a user-friendly video editor that makes vlog and short video creation a breeze.

Basic Video Editing without Watermark:

The app allows for basic video editing, including adding photos, music, and effects, without the hassle of watermarks.

Versatile Editing Tools:

So, Users can trim, cut, splice, and merge videos and photos effortlessly, transforming them into captivating slideshows with their favorite songs.

Video Speed Control:

Then, My Movie offers a fun way to control video speed, allowing users to speed up their videos for added excitement.

Cool Effects and Transitions:

The app provides a variety of cool effects and transitions, enabling users to create comedy videos, journey vlogs, and more.

Free Access to Popular Music Sound Effects:

Equally important, Users can enhance their videos with popular music sound effects from TikTok, adding a professional touch without any cost.

Advanced Editing Features Of Video Editor & Maker- My Movie:

For more seasoned video editors, It offers advanced features such as stylish design, keyframe video animation, PIP, overlay video clips, and the ability to convert video to music MP3.

Rich Music Library In Video Editor & Maker- My Movie:

Equally important, The app boasts a collection of 300+ free music clips and sounds across various genres, allowing users to tailor their videos to different music styles, including Bollywood.

Creative Elements:

Moreover, My Movie encourages creativity with animated stickers, emojis, and diverse text editing options. So, Users can adjust font styles, colors, and spacing to make their videos pop.

Filter Effects :

The app offers movie-style magic effects such as Glitch, Retro, and 3D, allowing users to add a cinematic touch to their videos.

HD Export:

For example, My Movie ensures the preservation of video quality with non-destructive editing and allows users to export their creations in HD in various formats.

Multi-Layer Editing for YouTube:

Moreover, The app supports multi-layer editing, making it a versatile choice for precise video editing, dance video creation, gacha life videos, and thumbnail creation for YouTube channels.

Continuous Updates In Video Editor & Maker- My Movie:

So, The article emphasizes that My Movie is committed to continuous updates, ensuring users have access to the latest features for creating catchy videos. Also, Download the Google Play version of this game from here


In conclusion, My Movie stands out as the ultimate companion for unleashing your inner director and creating captivating videos with ease. Whether you’re a beginner exploring the basics of video editing or a seasoned pro looking for advanced features, this app has something for everyone.

What's new

  • Ad-free experience
  • Access to a wider range of advanced filters
  • Exclusive premium music library
  • High-resolution video export options
  • Priority customer support
  • Enhanced storage capacity
  • Advanced editing tools and effects


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