Are you looking for an all-in-one PDF solution to scan and recognize text, edit, sign, print, read, share and protect PDF files on the go?
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PDF Extra PDF Editor & Scanner


PDF Extra is like a superhero for all your PDF needs – it’s a handy tool that lets you do tons of cool stuff with your PDF files. Imagine having a magic wand that can scan, edit, sign, print, and protect your PDFs – that’s exactly what PDF Extra does!

PDF Extra: Your All-in-One PDF Sidekick

Picture this: you need to scan, edit, sign, print, read, share, and protect your PDF files, all in one go. Sounds like a lot, right? But with PDF Extra, it’s like having a magical backpack full of tools that does it all for you! In addition, you can also try Tapatalk APK for more fun.

Scan Like a Pro

Have a bunch of paper documents? No worries! PDF Extra turns your phone camera into a superhero scanner. Snap pictures of receipts, contracts, notes – you name it, and it magically transforms them into neat PDFs. Then, You can even scan your ID or passport! How cool is that?

Recognize Text with a Wave of Magic

Say hello to OCR magic! PDF Extra recognizes text from your scans and images. Then, Got a cool quote or an important note? Share it easily via email or messaging apps. Also, It’s like turning your handwritten secrets into digital wonders. So, In addition, you can also try YouTube Music APK for more fun.

Edit PDFs like a Boss

Feel the power of editing at your fingertips. PDF Extra lets you edit PDFs with super cool tools. So, Create new PDFs, tweak text, add pictures or your doodles – it’s your PDF playground. No more boring documents!

Print PDFs in a Snap

Moreover, Printing straight from your phone? Yep, PDF Extra makes it easy and fun. Print those important documents with just a few taps. It’s like having your own mini printing press!

Convert and Protect

Want to switch things up? This app can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, or  without messing up the cool layout. And if your documents are secret agents, you can protect them with passwords. Moreover, It’s like creating a fortress for your files!

Images to PDF: Snap and Convert!

So, Forget to scan a document? No biggie! It turns your images into editable PDFs. Just pick a photo from your Gallery or use the “Share to PDF Extra” feature. Then, It’s like turning memories into magical PDFs.

Unlock the Magic with In-App Purchases

Equally important, Want the ultimate PDF experience? Unlock extra magic with in-app purchases. Google Play Store has got you covered. And hey, you can manage your subscriptions easily. No tricks, just treats!

Check Out the Free Desktop Version!

Then, Don’t forget to peek at the free this version for your Windows desktop. So, It’s like having PDF Extra on your computer, ready for action!

Key Features Of PDF Extra

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Conclusion Of PDF Extra

In conclusion, There you have it, fellow PDF enthusiasts! We’ve embarked on an incredible journey through the magical realm of PDF Extra, your go-to superhero for all things PDF. So, As we wrap up this adventure, let’s bask in the glory of the fantastic features that await you. With this app, mundane tasks like scanning become a breeze – your phone transforms into a superhero scanner, converting any document into a sleek PDF. The OCR technology is like a touch of magic, turning handwritten notes into digital wonders with ease. So, Editing becomes a joyful playground where you can tweak, modify, and create without limits.

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